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From this page you can download the latest release of LeachXS and the components that LeachXS is dependent on.

Download the LeachXS flyer for information about LeachXS here.

In May 2011, a new version of LeachXS has become available. You can download this version from from here.

Starting from February 2008, new tools are available for importing your own materials into the LeachXS database. You can download a zip file with the latest version of the tools and a manual here.

LeachXS requires the presence of the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, service pack 1. This was necessary to be able to support Office 2007 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. You can download and install the full version of this .NET Framework version from here.Note that this is a large file of about 230 Mb.

LeachXS requires the SUN's Java 2 platform, version 1.5.0 or higher as well. You can download the latest Java Runtime Environment from the SUN website. In March 2009, the latest Java runtime version was 1.6.0_12. You can download it from here.

We have created a number of examples to give you a good starting point. They can be downloaded from here. In the zip file you'll find a detailed description of how to install these examples.

A number of presentations that were given at the internet training session on march 6, 2008 have been bundled in a zip file. You can download them from here.
The training sessions on that day have been recorded in MacroMedia Flash format. You can download the videos from here. Please read the instructions in the zip file on how to view them.

In order to run LeachXS, you need to have a license. You can request a trial license for 30 days by mailing to:

Drs. Paul Seignette
Environmental Risk Assessment
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands
P.O. Box 1, NL-1755 ZG PETTEN
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 224 564598
Fax: +31 224 568163
Email: seignette@ecn.nl.
D.S. Kosson
Vanderbilt University - USA
Email: david.kosson@vanderbilt.edu

O. Hjelmar
DHI - Denmark
Email: oh@dhi.dk
H. van der Sloot
Hans van der Sloot Consultancy
Email: hans@vanderslootconsultancy.nl

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