Integrated data representation for granular materials

The interrelationships between pH dependence test (pH 2 to 12) and percolation test (L/S = 0.1 - 10) are very useful for the judgement of the leaching behaviour under a wide range of exposure conditions, as all relevant pH conditions and all relevant L/S conditions are covered (low L/S for landfilling to moderately high L/S for a road base application).

Here leaching tests results of Cu from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator bottom ash obtained by CEN/TS 14429 and CEN/TS 14405. The results for different bottom ashes from different countries are shown illustrating the consistency between MSWI bottom ash leaching behaviour from such widely different sources.

In the left hand top graph the leaching of Cu  as a function of pH is shown. In addition, pH domain for judgment of materials is given. (Upper horizontal line - regulatory limit; left and right vertical line - pH range expected for the application considered; bottom horizontal line - analytical detection limit). In the graph compliance test results (single data points)  are shown in relation to the characterisation test info.

In the top right graph the cumulative release (in mg/kg) as a function of L/S is given. Pore water data are reflected by the low L/S condition. The column data are also presented as concentration against the L/S (l/kg).  Finally, pH as a function of L/S is given. It shows here the difference between fresh ash and carbonated ash.