Relevant additional material properties

Relevant additional parameters to be considered are:

Acid neutralization capacity
The figure illustrates the acid neutralization capacity curve for MSWI bottom ash. This property is useful to assess the influence of external factors (such as carbonation) that may lead to neutralization of alkaline materials.

Dissolved organic carbon (DOC)
Organic matter can bind metals and organic pollutants, wheras dissolved organic carbon can mobilize metals and organic contaminants. This implies that information about the leaching
behaviour of DOC from a wide range of materials is of importance to quantify potential impacts. The figure illustrates DOC release as a function of pH from a wide range of materials. (DOC properties)

Reducing conditions can affect leachability either becausea material has reducing properties (e.g several industrial slag, sediments) or a material is used in a reducing environment.

Interaction with mineral phases (e.g. Al- and Fe oxides)
Sorption to iron, manganes and Al surfaces can be very relevant in soils. Models and suitable methods to assess relevant parameter settings are available